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Street Fighter IV

Street Fighter IV (X360)

Genre/Style: Fighting/2D Fighting
Release Date: 17/FEB/09
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Akuma is awesome :) One of my favourite SF characters
it sucks they gimped him in street fighter 4 :( he's too weak just like the other bosses. if they made the bosses take damage like ryu or ken, then i would be happy.
It sucks a bit but I can see why they did it (for multiplayer balance), since Akuma's attacks allow for some pretty awesome attacks, such as caging the enemy in with an arial / flame hadoken combo then unleashing his Ultra :)
i agree, but all i see with most boss players is the spamming with certain moves now. i use to dominate with akuma without having to do air fireballs all the time....and with seth, 1 super or ultra practically kills him. added note, if anyone does air fireballs and then a raging demon (even if you get hit with the air fireballs) just hold up, you'll avoid the raging demon all the time.
Cool, nice tip ;) So, looking forward to Super Street Fighter IV?
i am...but i hope they balance all the characters out...especially rufus, blanka, zangief, and balrog. i also hope they fix collision detection.
rufus- ex messiah kick beats all moves and ultras

blanka- when opponent is in the corner and blanka does his ultra it can't be blocked and it takes 75% of your health (plus you can combo his ultra which makes it really cheap...i mean combo like in crouching medium kick into ultra)

zangief- spinning lariat beats almost any move- can even hit a sliding vega.

balrog- even though he is a boxer his jab is a pain in the ass.

collision- they didn't check everyone's overhead moves in the game. fei long and vega have the same overhead kick but vegas overhead kick doesn't count as an overhead :(
i also hope they make c viper better...her moves are too slow, focus attack is almost useless and her super/ultras can be thrown out of!!! what kind of crap is that lol.
Ugh definitely with you there on Zangief's Lariat, what a pain in the ass ><
i love street fighter but i felt they made 4 too user friendly. i'll play super regardless but i'm kind of disappointed in the fact they only have 2 actual new characters, juri and hakkan. i like to play the old characters but i wanted to see new blood and see what capcom would do with them. side note- i hate cody's outfit, i wish they had the final fight cody instead :( i'm sure his costume is going to be dlc. i read that 2 producers were arguing over his costume. one producer said people want to see the old cody and the other producer said people want to see the prison cody...prison cody won :(
Ah I like Prison Cody, but then I didn't really play Final Fight and liked him in Street Fighter Alpha. I'm also a fan of Guy and Adon so I was quite happy with the choices, Juri also looks cool.

Where did you hear of Hakkan being announced? So far I've heard nothing but rumours since the official announcement of Adon, Cody, Guy and Deejay.
the guys i work with are street fighter fanatics and they read a lot of forums and apparently the person that leaked all the stuff for street fighter 4 was accurate about his predictions. then he leaked stuff about super and all his predictions were true so far. here's the roster

known characters for super
juri, dee jay, t hawk, cody, guy, adon

characters who are going to be in the game but haven't been shown yet
dudley (3rd strike) Ibuki (3rd strike) and Hakken (apparently he's an oil wrestler...don't know what that means lol)

and the last one they are trying to decide on
it's up in the air between alex (3rd strike) and makoto (3rd strike)
Ah cool, hopefully they'll announce them soon! At least it seems theyre adding enough characters to make a second purchase worthwhile (at a cheaper price, at that)
they said for the people who bought the original game and the dlc will get a surprise for the new game.
Yeah, I heard that as well.. I hope it's not just a lame Dashboard Theme or something! Only problem is, I have the Xbox 360 version of SFIV and I'm thinking of switching to PS3 for the SSFIV version of the game for the free online... I think that will disqualify me for the content but will have to see!
i'd stick with the 360 better online. the netcode for ps3 isn't great. i have both games on both systems. ps3 has a hard time finding games. plus a little heads up. it's said that sony is might do a subscription like xbox now. they are doing surveys on what they should include and what they should charge. one of their price points was 69 bucks a year...way more expensive than the 360. i love both consoles but i think it's a dick move if sony is going to start charging. but we'll see what happens.
Hmm well I guess we've got 6 months till the release to see what happens... at the moment I don't have a connection for my Xbox seeing as we recently switched to a wireless network and I dont have an adaptor, and I'm too broke to afford the Gold account at the moment in time. Maybe by then I'll be able to save up a bit for the adaptor and Gold subscription, but only time will tell.
you can go cheap by creating a new gold account lol. with a new account i think you get a couple of days or a week of gold lol. sucks about the wireless though :( i never want to go wireless...it's great cause there's no mess with cables but i think of it this way... street fighter and tekken tournament players never use wireless sticks (don't know why tekken/hori made one) because with wireless you can get hiccups and it may cost you the game...i feel the same about wireless routers. i might have some 1 month or gold membership codes. if i found em i'll send them your way.
That's cool :) I'll see what happens after Christmas, might be able to splash out on a Wireless adaptor, I mean even without Gold I like Xbox Live because it allows me to use MSN in my room, while giving me free private chat and leaderboards etc. Just an expensive one-off purchase.

I would stick to wired connection, but with the current set up at my home its no longer a real option ><
i'll have to check for the codes later today...i'm off to work :( but i'll be playing street fighter 4 on my breaks :)
Haha sounds like a good job. I'll have to let you know when I get myself hooked up to Live and I'd be happy to give you a match sometime.
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